Disassembling, Reassembling and Casing A Hand Wound Movement, Eta 2804-2. (Timezone Watch School Level 1)

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Essential Watchmaking Tools

As you might know there is an old saying: “A bad workman always blames his tools”. Unquestionably, tools are very important in all crafts, but it is even more so in
watchmaking. Since it involves handling with very tiny parts fit together with very low tolerances, tools that are used in watchmaking and watch repair works should be
very accurate, reliable and durable (retaining their accuracy for a long time). Such tools, as expected, are very expensive. It is a good investment, however, to buy and use first-quality tools in watchmaking. Properly used and maintained, they will serve you many many years in your workshop. Now lets start with essential tools
that are needed for disassembly and reassembly of a movement and learn what their tasks are:


1: Screwdriver Set.
2: Tweezers (Two pairs of Dumont tweezers, #2 and #5, are recommended).
3: 4x and 10x eye loupes with head band. I prefer 5x and 12x Bergeon loupes. Asco loupes are fine too.
4: Compartmanted parts tray: That is needed for storing watch parts for a later use.
5: Dust blower: Used by squeezing gently in order to puff out dirt on the movement.
6: Rodico: It is a soft material like chewing gum, used for cleaing dirt, oil and finger prints on bridges and other parts of the movement.
7: Pegwood: It is mainly used for cleaning purposes as well, but it has also a variety of other uses in watchmakers’ table.
8: Pithwood: A soft wood that perfectly absorbs oil on tips of oilers, tweezers, screwdrivers and any other tool that has a sharp end.
9: Movement holder: As the name implies, it is used for holding the movement that we work on.
10: Movement parts tray with dust cover: When disassembling a movement, parts are stored in this covered tray, so that no risk of dust particles sticking on the
disassembled parts.

Lets now take a closer look at these tools individually:

Screwdriver Set:


Eye loupe 5x with head band:

Eye Loupe 12x:

Compartmanted parts tray:

Dust blower:




Movement holder:

Movement parts tray with dust cover:

Watch paper: Watch parts are temporarily put on this paper on the bench. Like pegwood however, it has a variety of other uses as well.

Buff sticks: Used for cleaning and polishing of watch parts.

If you want to case the movement, there are some additional tools that you should have also.

Case holder: This tool is needed in order to open and close casebacks.

Case cushion: A handy, soft cushion used while casing of a movement.

Spring bar tool: This tool is necessary for changing or replacing watch straps and bracelets.

Pin vise: Used for holding tiny cylindrical parts such as stem.

Presto hand removers: Presto tools are needed for removing hands from movement. Properly used, they bear no risk of causing damage to the dial.

Presto hand remover #1

Presto hand remover #2

Hand setting tools: Set of three hand setting tools for putting hands back on the movement.

Stem cutting pliers: This pliers, with its carbide tips, can cut hardened steel with ease.

And if you want to clean, lubricate and adjust the movement you should have some other tools and machines as well.

Oiler cup: Holds oil for lubricating.

Agate used in oiler cup holds, but not absorbs oil.

Oiler set: These needleAoilers are needed for proper oiling. Each oiler has different tip diameters which means the amount of oil they hold are different.

Watch cleaning machine (Elma Super Elite)
Ultrasonic cleaning machine

I will provide you with more information on the use and function of these machines in not-so-far future I hope. Happy WATCHing till then..

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Watch Photography

Under this section, I aim to share with you some of my photographs that are related to watches as objects, and time as phenomenon. Use of light tents, macro lenses and
mini tripods are important in watch photography, that aspect of watch photography and other techniques will be covered in a later time.

Visodate and Fruits:

A Brief History of Time:

Silhouette of Time:

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Welcome to My Workshop and Library

I am a watch enthusiast and my sole aim in this site is to share my whole knowledge about fine mechanical watches, watch brands with their prominent models and history, and maybe a little bit about watchmaking as well. Professionally I am an engineer and I have no affiliation with any watch brand. I hope you will enjoy articles and presentations that I am going to make.
Happy WATCHing till then..

My Workbench

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